• September 2, 2017

  • Anapji Pond, a historical gem nestled amidst the city of Gyeongju, is a testament to Korea's rich cultural heritage. It's a place where history and nature harmoniously coexist, creating an atmosphere of profound tranquility.

    My journey began as I crossed the threshold into the lush park surrounding the pond. The gentle rustling of leaves and the occasional chirping of birds formed a delicate overture to my walk. The air was scented with the fragrance of nearby flowers, creating a sensory symphony that embraced me.

    As I approached the pond, I was greeted by a scene of sheer beauty. The calm, mirror-like surface of the water reflected the surrounding trees and the ancient pagodas that grace its shores. These pagodas, remnants of a bygone era, stood in silent reverence, adding an air of historical mystique to the landscape.

    I followed the meandering path along the water's edge, the smooth pebbles underfoot reminding me to savor each step. The reflections on the pond's surface created a sense of duality, as if I were walking through two worlds simultaneously—the present and the distant past.

    The tranquility of the scene was heightened by the soft murmurs of fellow visitors, who, like me, seemed to understand the need for hushed tones in this sacred space. We exchanged appreciative glances, acknowledging the beauty that surrounded us without the need for words.

    As I continued my stroll, I came upon a wooden bench overlooking the pond. I sat down, allowing the peace of the moment to wash over me. The gentle breeze rustled the leaves, and the sun began its descent, casting a warm, golden hue over everything.

    Time seemed to stand still, and I lost myself in contemplation. Anapji Pond, with its still waters and ancient pagodas, felt like a sanctuary of timelessness. In that moment, I felt a profound connection to the history and culture of Korea, a sense of reverence for the past and gratitude for the present.

    As I reluctantly made my way back to the entrance, I carried with me the serenity of Anapji Pond. It was a reminder that in the heart of a bustling world, there are sanctuaries of peace waiting to be discovered. This day will forever hold a special place in my heart, a testament to the power of nature and history to bring solace and tranquility to the soul.

    Until we meet again, dear beloved days gone by.

    Yours in serenity,

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